Arbutus Medical is a Canada based medical device company focused on designing and producing innovative surgical power tools at a fraction of the cost. To re-think medical power tools, the company relies on frugal innovation: the concept of seeing resource constraints not as a liability but as an opportunity and striving to create quality solutions which deliver the greatest value at the lowest cost. By focusing on listening to the needs of the surgeons, Arbutus is positioned uniquely to develop devices which satisfy unmet needs. The company’s goal is to develop a successful offering of medical devices which address gaps in care, in doing so increase access to safe surgical care for patients who need it, and continue to offset the rising costs of healthcare.  Arbutus’ vision is ‘Safe Surgery for All.’ and with this mandate as a guiding principle the company has been successful in shipping products to treat 36,000 patients in 32 countries, plus 21,000 animal patients.

Industry: Healthcare

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