BrainFx solves a massive problem that frustrated its founders in clinical practice: 50% of people with mild-moderate brain disorders, like dementia, brain injury or mental illness, go undetected or are misdiagnosed. This affects 85 million people in NA, is a 100B problem and causes more disability than cardiovascular disease and cancer combined.

Treatment is most effective when provided sooner but current cognitive tests were built for the 10-15% that show severe dysfunction missing milder dysfunction and the opportunity for early intervention.

BrainFx’s digital neurological assessment software platform measures what other tests miss through performance of more complex cognitive activities using real life context. The clinician receives immediate insights enabling clinicians to better understand patient strengths and challenges to connect to treatment strategies, all while saving time.

BrainFx has been adopted by >160 healthcare organizations across populations/settings including rehabilitation, disability mgt, mental health, home health and primary care. With BrainFx, we help with more than ‘What is it?’ – we help with ‘What next?’.

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