At ColdBlock Technologies we believe there is a better way than the status quo in the sample digestion market. We provide laboratories with unrivalled solutions to improve productivity and increase profits through innovative sample digestion products with unmatched speed, simplicity and safety.
ColdBlock Technologies offers an innovative sample digestion technology, ColdBlock™ Digestion. This versatile, patented technology shortens the sample digestion process to just minutes with reliable and precise results consistently demonstrated across multiple industries and a variety of sample types.
ColdBlock™ Digestion is the only sample digestion technology to use focused short-wave infrared radiation and a cooling block to shorten sample preparation time, accelerate sample throughput and achieve productivity gains more safely than current methods. The benefits to laboratories are substantial: 1) Shortens sample preparation time to minutes; 2) Unmatched sample throughput and productivity; 3) Accelerates Decision Making; 4) Easy to Automate; 5) Reduces environmental impact and 6) Higher occupational safety. Through distributor and sales agent networks, ColdBlock products have been delivered to customers across the globe.
ColdBlock is the recipient of many awards including Mining Magazine’s Top Ten Technology Innovation in 2015, Build in Canada Innovation (BCIP) Award partnering with Geological Survey of Canada in 2015, Canadian Mineral Analysts Association Best Technical Paper in 2016 (Uranium), US Society of Mineral Analysts Best Technical Paper in 2016 (Large Sample Size Gold), awarded a Two Phase global project for Gold and Base Metals through AMIRA International in 2017 and awarded Host of the 2019 Canadian Mineral Analysist Conference in 2019.

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