Rna Diagnostics Inc. has developed the RNA Disruption Assay (RDA) to address one of the most pressing problems in cancer treatment: how to assess if a patient is responding or resistant to treatment. The RDA test, performed as early as 14 days after the first cycle of neoadjuvant treatment, predicts whether patients will receive a survival benefit from continued treatment with the selected chemotherapy and/or targeted drugs. Responders can continue treatment with confidence while non-responders can be quickly switched to alternate treatments, saving the patients from needless toxicity and the healthcare system from billions of dollars of needless cost. Data from clinical trials with an aggregate of over 250 patients demonstrate strong correlations of RDA to pathological complete response and enhanced disease free survival in primary breast cancer. A prospective validation trial, BREVITY, accruing 725 patients at 40 centres, began enrolling primary breast cancer patients in Europe and North America in 2018. The primary endpoint of the trial will be achieved in late 2020, and will be followed by the global launch of RDA, initially for breast cancer. Pilot studies to demonstrate the clinical utility of RDA for other cancer indications and drugs are also underway.

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