Gesture Logic

GestureLogic provides wearable performance monitors for cyclists, enabling them to measure key training indicators, avoid injury and overtraining, increase performance, and quantify results in [...]


Quant Interpretations is the developer of a patent-pending data analysis web application that can deliver improved return on investment in market and customer profiling projects required by [...]


MavenSocial allows companies to determine whom their social media brand influencers are, reducing marketing costs and increasing results. As a result of people trusting the advice of a friend [...]


SavvyDox combines the disruptive market dynamics of cloud computing and mobile access in a simple-to-use, collaborative, mobile document management system that results in increased productivity. [...]


Zpirit Foods Inc. makes the world’s first fruit and herb-infused water with real, whole fruit pieces inside. Our refreshing drink, Zpirit Infuzion, is brewed with natural ingredients, low sugar [...]


Get started by recording a quick, 10-second video and invite your friends to add their own clip to it. Vello seamlessly stitches each clip together into one single video, complete with everyone's [...]


ChangeIt® partners with financial institutions to enable their customers to automatically support charities by rounding up cashless purchases (E.g. nearest dollar), creating Virtual Change®, & [...]

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